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The Wizard of Oz was made in 1939 and became an instant classic. The film was shot in sepia, black and white and in Technicolor. The veteran actors are ideal in their supporting roles, and Judy Garland is exceptional in the starring role.

The movie appeals to both children and adults. It involves various elements such as magic, witches, wizards, munchkins, a cute dog, fantasy, terror, a cyclone and a yellow brick road, which all blend together to make an engaging and timeless movie. It is universally appealing and will be for the end of time.

It was nominated Continue reading

The Sound of Music is a popular musical film that debuted in 1965. The film is based off of the Broadway hit of the same name and stars Julie Andrews as the lead. The film garnered much media attention and in 2001 the musical was named an important piece of entertainment and was placed into the National Film Registry. The Sound of Music was and still is a breathe of fresh air for the musical genre. It features a free spirited woman, Maria, Continue reading

Song and dance seems to be in a renaissance; just look at the wild popularity of “Glee” and “Dancing with the Stars.” So where do they get their inspiration? They look to the original silver screen musical stars, who were inspired by and came directly out of Vaudeville.

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were both petite and had delicate, graceful, fluid movements. Whether in a foxtrot or tap dance they were the power couple on the dance floor. Their romantic chemistry and sense of humor Continue reading

Cabaret the film musical could have been created especially for Liza Minnelli. Sally Bowles’ character allowed Liza to portray so much of her personal style and talent. Growing up as the daughter of two talented parents, Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli, one can imagine Liza playing as a night club singer on a home made stage. Her remarkable singing, dancing and acting ability won her an Oscar for Best Actress in 1973.

Liza’s rendition of the title song “Cabaret” was stunning; however my favorite song that she performed was “Maybe This Time”. Continue reading

Gene Kelley is “Singin’ In The Rain,” in this beloved classic musical. “Singin’ In The Rain” tells the story of one movie studio’s transition to talking films.

The Story

Don Lockwood (Gene Kelley) is a leading silent film star. While filming his latest movie, a rival studio releases the first talking picture and Don’s studio decides to convert his film into a talkie. However, the film’s lead actress, Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen), has a grating voice and cannot legally be replaced. Don and his producers decide to dub over Lina Continue reading